• Transparent Helping brands in bringing complete transparency across their marketing and sales funnels
  • Transformative Transforming traditional marketing and sales funnels to drive business growth
  • Transpiring Using data to drive actionable insights using analytics and increasing the marketing ROI
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Marketing Support

Analogy has worked with TransFunnel for the past 6 months. In this time, we have found their team to be proactive and highly responsive. Being a design studio we were a little concerned about the steep learning curve ahead of the content team to understand what we do. We started with listicles but within 3 months had 2 pillar pages, an e-book as well as blog posts about our processes. Their interest and ability to learn about our business in such a short time was impressive. It has been great to partner with TransFunnel.

Vibha Karnik

Marketing Head, Analogy Design

We engaged Transfunnel a few months ago and have had a really good start to the journey with them. We find that they work v hard against the project schedules and always happy to have contact. The work they have put in is starting to show returns and this is the exciting bit! The team we work with are bright, quick and a pleasure to project with.

John Nicholson

Director, The Virtual Training Team

From reinforcing our desire to move our automation to Hubspot, all the way to ensuring our campaigns are glitch free and perfect... The team at Transfunnel go over and beyond just implementing the platform for us. Step by step guidance, understanding the marketing needs, building programs that matter to our users, are all services that are covered in the forte of their expertise. It's almost like working with a team within our organization, who understand urgency, timelines and are purely result-oriented. It's an absolute delight to partner with the team at Transfunnel

Abhilash Kumar

Marketing Director, Kensci

We've been working with TransFunnel for a good few months now and I could not recommend them enough. They are super efficient – the work is just spot on – and they are always very helpful. I'm mainly impressed with how they manage to bring our design to life. Everything we think or wish they manage to make it happen.

Ricardo Guimaraes


Transfunnel has provided strong, quick and reliable consultancy to our projects. Really good working with Transfunnel on all things Hubspot, from lead gen, integration, landing pages etc.

Charles Tomas Thoren

DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre)

Growth Strategy

Grow Your Business With Growth Focused Marketing Strategies

Your success and ability to convert prospects into long-term customers depends on how strong and aligned your growth strategy is to the consumer’s evolving needs and wants. Traditional methods of strategic planning commonly overlook innovative growth opportunities, such as your website and content. Having traffic to your website that is not converting is not what you want. Revamping and scaling your business can be challenging, but is certainly possible by having appropriate and measurable growth marketing strategies. 

Transfunnel Consulting will help you build a robust growth strategy that stems from a crystal clear understanding of your customers, goals, industry trends, and our years of collective experience. We review your current marketing and sales processes, messaging, marketing automation system, and buyer personas. Our strategists will provide you with solutions that will enable you to thrive in this digital, agile, and constantly changing marketplace. Work with us to turn your website into a lead generation machine and hit your revenue targets.

- Setting measurable goals after analysing current goals, sales processes, and content portfolio

- Creation of buyer personas to fuel growth

- Grow your business and ROI through actionable solutions

- Hit your revenue targets by transforming the website into a lead generation machine

Inbound Marketing Consulting

It All Starts With A Great Story. And A Strategy.

Our fast-paced world demands a marketing strategy that is flexible, customer-oriented, measurable, and effective. Inbound marketing is the fastest way to generate more leads, drive revenue, and build a cohesive brand image. Inbound marketing focuses on attracting and converting customers through careful content creation and fostering interactions and relationships that not disruptive. It is a far cry from putting your posters everywhere and hoping to get one call back. 

Our inbound marketing consultants are ready to understand your business goals and provide you with valuable and result-oriented strategies that will seamlessly integrate with your on-going marketing efforts. From assisting you with content creation and promotion to drafting buyer personas and identifying missed SEO opportunities, our team of inbound marketing experts use a ground-up and integrated approach. Rest assured that we will work side by side to ensure smooth launch and execution of your marketing campaigns. As a Diamond HubSpot Partner Agency, we also strategically support our clients as they learn to implement and utilise their preferred marketing automation platform.

Get relevant insights and recommendations and discover new avenues for growth. Ignite your growth through our expertise. 

- Custom, result-oriented strategies that suit your needs

- Support in managing marketing software

- Creation of quality and optimised content

- Solutions that will integrate into existing systems

- Diamond HubSpot Partner agency status

Marketing Automation Audit & Consulting

Tools Don’t Grow Your Business. Experts Do!

Implemented but still not getting results? Do you know all the features and tools of your marketing automation platform? Furthermore, are you sure whether you using the system to its full potential or not? Do you even have time to understand your system? We know how complicated and confusing it can be to get the most out of your marketing automation investment. That is why we are here. 

TranFunnel Consulting has an extensive experience delivering solutions that improve client’s marketing automation usage and bottom-line results. Our assessment is guaranteed to maximise your ROI and will provide you with all the tools for long-term growth. From assessing current usage, metrics, and data to recommending changes that will result in quick-win opportunities, we will be there every step of the way.  Make automation work for you. Are you ready to work together to master your marketing automation platform and maximise your investment?  

- A detailed business analysis that dives into all facets of your system

- Get a flexible and transparent plan that includes actionable ‘next’ steps

- Get closely monitored and data-driven strategies that improve ROI

- Identify under-utilised tools and features that result in quick-win opportunities 

HubSpot Implementation & Training

Speed Up Your Business Growth With HubSpot

Looking to install HubSpot to aid your marketing and sales efforts, but not sure where to start or whether it will integrate with your existing marketing framework or not? Have implemented it but struggling with training your staff? If you are in either scenario or have a completely different concern regarding HubSpot, don’t worry. We are here to help. We understand that successful implementation and launch of a marketing platform is a daunting task. 

Transfunnel Consulting delivers expert consulting, support, integration, and reporting services for your HubSpot implementation. Our certified HubSpot professionals have completed hundreds of implementation and training projects with clients across the globe. Get a unique solution that is tailored to the stage and strength of your business. Our HubSpot experts will study your business model and growth goals and advice you on the right package. Being India’s first and only Diamond HubSpot Partner agency, there is no one better to guide you through the implementation and training process than us. We will educate your team on best practices and system migration so you can leverage maximum results from your HubSpot investment. 

- Get a realistic timeline for your implementation and training processes

- Thorough support through all stages of implementation and launch

- In-depth training on processes and best practices for staff 

- Increased ROI and revenue 

Advanced MarTech Integrations

Get Your Systems To Talk To Each Other And Provide Integrated Customer Experience

Technological advances have certainly made marketing easier with a staggering amount of marketing tools available to us. Recent data shows that companies that use MarTech well are also the industry's top performers. But as technology continues to advance to the speed of lighting, it can be challenging to keep abreast of what actually suits your business goals. New advancements, the overabundance of data, and various combinations of MarTech integrations can throw even the best marketers off their game. Disintegrated MarTech systems can send conflicting messaging to your customers and that is like stepping into a box of quicksand. 

Transfunnel Consulting understands that there needs to be synergy between marketing and technology. Our consultants use an integrated approach to help you do just that. We assess your internal MarTech stack and compare them to your business goals. Successfully integrate technology to further drive your revenue. Conduct higher-performing marketing campaigns and make better, more informed decisions that maximise ROI and lead to increased customer retention. 

- A thorough assessment of existing systems, data, and overall company targets

- Understand customer needs and wants at the precise moment they need it

- Identifying and implementing the right fit technology platform

- Diverse data management and analytics

HubSpot COS Development

Get The Right Content With The Right Design And Increase Your Marketing ROI

It takes just 5 seconds for a potential customer to form an impression of your company. Since your website is the first touchpoint for the majority of customers, it is essential that it projects a cohesive brand image and positive user experience. The stakes are definitely very high, and bad, unresponsive website design is a tough obstacle to overcome. So, how can you improve your website function and effectiveness? HubSpot COS is an all-inclusive marketing tool that allows you to build a custom, cost-effective, and efficient website from the ground up. 

TranFunnel Consulting’s HubSpot COS Development services remove any complexities associated with the development process. Our HubSpot templates are easy to use, include multiple features, and allow you to fully leverage results. Our development specialists ensure that no quality is compromised as they transform and integrate your website with existing content management systems, marketing automation, and sales processes. Use our HubSpot COS development services, create personalised experiences, and watch your website turn into a lead generation machine. 

- Exceptional design, development, and marketing of your website

- Move more leads through the sales funnel with the help of smart content 

- Generate more leads through personalised, custom, and responsive design templates

- Reap more benefits from your inbound marketing efforts through seamless integration of your website

Sales Enablement

Enable Your Sales And Marketing Teams With Actionable Insights That Drive ROI

Sales and marketing teams operating in different silos can disrupt your ability to convert and close deals. We all know that marketing efforts cannot stop once a lead is handed over to sales. Data shows that companies with strong sales and marketing alignment and sales enablement witness 275% more conversions from marketing efforts. Wouldn’t you want that? Through sales enablement, your marketing team is ready to support your sales team, with the help of the right content. Even the MVP of sales can benefit from the right support structure. 

However, getting the right sales enablement strategy can be tricky. A successful sales enablement plan stems from a thorough understanding of current processes and goals. Break the glass wall between sales and marketing and deliver all that your customer needs across their buyer journey. Transfunnel provides a systematic solution to aligning your sales and marketing teams to increase productivity and revenue. We ensure that your teams have the right content, tools, training, and data to close deals effectively. 

- Align and empower your sales and marketing teams by establishing trust

- Increase sales rep productivity by designing a content portfolio

- Boast credibility by providing segmented and value-added content to customers

- A flexible sales enablement strategy that can support long-term growth goals

Buyer Persona Development

Define Your Personas The Right Way

In today’s world, if anything is constant, it is change. We know creating buyer personas are crucial to understanding your customers. Buyer personas make it easier for you to create relevant content, messaging, and products, and also build rapport with potential customers. Simply put, buyer personas are the key to how successful your inbound marketing efforts will be. It is one step that you don’t want to skip. Evolving needs and challenges mandate that you frequently look back at personas and ensure that they stay relevant. 

For creating or updating buyer personas, you need to ask the right, in-depth questions to the right people to ensure they accurately depict customer needs and challenges. Our team of inbound specialists are experts at asking the right questions and uncovering key insights about your target customer. We build personas that matter and provide actionable next steps. Allow us to remove any guesswork and learn the truth about your customers. 

- Get insightful research led by experts

- Discover the true needs and challenges of customers through the entire buyer journey

- Double up returns and investment from your inbound marketing efforts

- Develop aligned content, messaging, and products for all buyer personas

Perks of Partnering With Us

HubSpot-Diamond Badge

HubSpot Diamond Partner

When you partner with us, you partner with the only HubSpot diamond agency in India. You get our expertise, experience, and knowledge all put together in one package.

Inbound flywheel


We understand inbound and so we understand you. When you work with us, you get inbound-friendly partners who take your challenges, roadblocks, and setbacks as their own.


An Extension Of You

We come as an extension of you, rather than as a separate agency. Whether you need an extra hand in accepting bigger projects or in delivering on-going projects due to deadline constraints, we are here to partake in it.


Housefull of Certified Experts

We are a team of diligent marketers, content creators, designers, account managers, and developers who are all HubSpot certified in their respective and cross-functional domains. That’s how we will ensure we are implementing the best HubSpot practices.


No Room For Misunderstandings

As we are both HubSpot partners, we can always be sure of being on the same page and can come about a mutual understanding of everything related to work. Isn’t that convenient?


Competitive Costs

Don’t worry, we won’t take it all. Infact, our competitive costs are such that you’ll have margins to work with when pricing your services to your clients. To top it all, our ability to help you serve your clients better will gain you further returns.

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