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Mitticool! India’s amazing world of Frugal Innovation
Mitticool is a natural refrigerator made entirely from clay to store vegetables, fruits and also for cooling water. It provides natural coolness to the stored material without requiring any electricity or any other artificial form of energy. Fruits, vegetables, and milk can be stored fresh without deteriorating their quality for 2 to 3 days retaining their original taste. It works on the principle of evaporation. Water from the upper chambers drips down the side and gets evaporated taking away heat from the inside, leaving the chambers cool.
Affordable Prosthetics
To fully appreciate the cost of prosthetic limbs, look at the economics of a family with a child in need. On average, each prosthetic has a lifespan of five years, and when considering younger children who are growing every day and are prone to breaking things, more frequent replacements are required. Calculate the price of the prosthetic and its subsequent replacements, the total lifetime cost could place a considerable amount of strain on a family’s finances. Not to mention, it is also almost impossible to get insurance companies to cover that cost annually.
Innovation & Intellectual Property Nexus
Patents recognize and reward inventors for their commercially-successful inventions. As such they serve as an incentive for inventors to invent. When a new technology comes onto the market, society as a whole stands to benefit – both directly, because it may enable us to do something that was previously not possible, and indirectly in terms of the economic opportunities (business development and employment) that can flow from it.Holding a patent also makes a small business more attractive to investors who play a key role in enabling the commercialization of a technology.

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